David Howarth, Principal

Experience and Expertise
Mr. Howarth has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry, beginning with work as a policy analyst focused on climate change issues. He has an interdisciplinary background in energy economics, policy, and technology. Clients include energy project developers, owners, lenders, public agencies, and end users. He specializes in performing quantitative and qualitative analyses of difficult energy problems.

Mr. Howarth joined MRW in 1996 and initially worked on a variety of projects related to the restructuring of the California electricity market. In more recent years, his focus has been on utility procurement issues and energy project development. He is an expert on renewable energy policy and has worked with a number of renewable energy project developers in the western states and Hawaii, providing analytical support to their development efforts. Activities have included construction of pro forma financial models, bid support for utility RFOs and analysis of QF energy pricing for existing projects. He has also worked with customers and distributed generation suppliers to analyze supply options and utility bill impacts. He has participated in policy studies on the need to replace aging generation infrastructure in California and on the status of nuclear generation and waste storage facilities. Other work has included litigation support, market due diligence, and contract negotiation support.

Prior Positions
RDC, Inc.
• Provided strategic and management support to flywheel energy developer
• Performed market assessment studies for a variety of energy technologies

ICF Incorporated
• Co-authored US EPA study of the potential for renewable sources of electricity to reduce air emissions
• Developed forest carbon sequestration model

M.A. in Energy and Resources. University of California, Berkeley
B.A. in Economics and Biology. Wesleyan University





Selected Publications

The Changing California Electricity Market
Project Finance Newswire
June 2017

California’s March to 50% Renewables
Project Finance Newswire
November 2015

Renewables Face Daytime Curtailments in California
Project Finance NewsWire
November 2014

Additional Power Needed in Southern California
Project Finance NewsWire
October 2013

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