Services for Retail Customers

Retail electric competition in California, known as direct access, was suspended in 2001 in the wake of the state's electricity crisis. Since that time, most businesses have had to take electricity service from their local utility. However, businesses that have remained on direct access since prior to the suspension and those that have taken advantage of the limited reopening of direct access that began in 2010 can select their own electricity service provider.

MRW & Associates helped many businesses navigate the new and complex world of retail electric competition in the late 1990s when California first allowed direct access. Throughout the suspension, MRW continued to advise retail customers on other aspects of the electricity market and has remained engaged on direct access issues in both regulatory and legislative arenas. Now, with the limited reopening of direct access and the expanded choice provided in some jurisdictions via Community Choice Aggregation, MRW is using this experience and knowledge to help customers evaluate their electric service provider options.

Customers often are seeking to lower their electric bills when they decide to enter the competitive electricity marketplace. Other benefits of direct access can include pricing structures tailored to individual customers' needs and risk management through more predictable pricing. Businesses concerned about the environment or their carbon footprint may want to seek out green power from competitive electricity providers.

If you would like help in understanding your options or more information on MRW's services for retail customers, please contact Mark Fulmer or William Monsen.




The California Public Utilities Commission authorized a plan for a limited reopening of direct access on March 11, 2010, with decision D.10-03-022.